Our Meals Contain:

  • No Gluten or Grains
  • No Corn
  • No Dairy
  • No Refined Sugars or HFCS
  • No Legumes (including peanuts)

We Also Limit or Avoid:

  • Unnatural Additives/ Preservatives
  • Heavily Processed Foods
  • Known GMOs
  • Soy

Feed Your Vitality, LLC is committed to serving only vibrant, whole foods, made with the freshest ingredients. It is our promise to provide you with meals that are naturally free of the additives and preservatives found in most commercially prepared foods.  
If you are looking for a healthy alternative in prepared foods, we would be honored to support you in your journey to vitality!

We meet or exceed the requirements of many doctor recommended diets including:

  • Paleo Lifestyles
  • Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyles
  • SHAPE ReClaimed Detox/ Diet plan
  • hCG Diet Plan

We focus on designing meals that are filled with anti-inflammatory ingredients.  Most of our meals are free of ingredients containing common inflammatory allergens including: gluten, corn, dairy, grains, peanuts, artificial ingredients and preservatives.  The only product we serve containing soy is certified Non-GMO Braggs Liquid Aminos®.  Ingredients are listed in each meal description.  Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.

"I've lost weight and I feel great! My headaches have almost completely disappeared! I don't cook, so I wouldn't have been able to do this without Ashley's  fantastic food---- I love it! Thanks so much for providing this wonderful service. Worth every penny, and it's actually much cheaper than eating out." -Mary Engelbreit


97lbs heavier and sick to the point of hospice.  A pay it forward mission worth tasting...

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We offer a variety of delicious hands on and informational cooking classes and tastings in our beautiful classroom facility.

Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker, wellness classes, healthy catering options or a beautiful space for your next event, we have you covered!


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We keep you posted! Interesting articles, delicious recipes, fun how to instructions & tasty tips/ tricks for success!

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