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What Clients Say


Dr. Emily Hecker- Enlighten Functional Medicine

Jacque Albus- Owner Tone Fitness

Dr. Todd and Linda Frisch- SHAPE ReClaimed Founders

Liberty Bishop- Total foodie!

Liberty always makes us laugh with her weekly feedback.  Here is our favorite:

“OMG What is up with those PANCAKES???
There is no way those things can be good for me.
Are you in cahoots with my ex and secretly fattening me???”

I’ve lost weight and I feel great! My headaches have almost completely disappeared! I don’t cook, so I wouldn’t have been able to do this without Ashley’s  fantastic food—- I love it! Thanks so much for providing this wonderful service. Worth every penny, and it’s actually much cheaper than eating out.

Mary Engelbreit

“Ashley has provided my family with delicious Paleo meals for a while now, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The service she provides fills a crucial niche for busy, health conscious individuals. These meals are an extremely good value and as tasty, creative and eclectic as anything you will find at the nicest restaurants in town. Some added perks are;no more trips to the grocery store, no meal prep time in the kitchen after work, and no cleaning up dishes. Bottom line: I’m healthier and have more free time! I can’t recommend Feed Your Vitality strongly enough. Try it for one week and you’ll be hooked!”

Matt Goers

“OMG!! The tacos are to die for!!! What is the lettuce we wrap them in? So sweet! Thank you so much!”

Nanette Trecker

I absolutely loved getting meals from Feed Your Vitality! They were delicious and since I am not much of a cook they made sticking to paleo very easy.

Patti Langenecker

“Your food is amazing! I have lost 18 pounds in the last two weeks by substituting my one meal a day with your meals, my blood sugar has dropped and I don’t feel deprived because your meals are so full of flavor.”


“Ashley has a commitment to health, integrity and vitality, as well as spirituality. Her work ethics are fueled by these principles. She is a charismatic and fun leader. And when it comes to the food, Ashley has invented and reinvented herself so as to be a spokesperson for our present and upcoming generations. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to food preparation, nutrition and well being, and is a motivating coach. Frankly, our community is a better place with her in it!”


“I just wanted to take a quick moment to provide you some input on the meals. First and foremost, We Love Them.
They have made my life easy in terms of time/effort for shopping, cooking and cleaning up, but also in the way of making better choices since I’m not forced into grabbing on the go. Everything has been delicious. So far we haven’t had anything we wouldn’t eat again!”

Our favorites:
Roasted Grouper, Pad Thai, Orange Chicken, Beef Bourginon, Lasagna, Almond Basil Meatloaf

I am so thrilled I found you guys! See you next week?!


“It was a long day at work and it’s unexpectedly cold and rainy. I came home and had the Applewood Smoked Pulled Pork, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Best. Comfort. Food. EVER. My brain and stomach couldn’t be happier right now. Thank You!!

Lainie Gault

Not only does our family get a variety of meals weekly, we were SO happy to partake in the AMAZING thanksgiving day feast she offered. My husband, (who is not paleo) couldn’t believe how good the food tasted. He claimed, “It can’t be healthy for us if it tastes that good!” ha! He was convinced dairy was used and I had to confirm that, indeed, there was not any! The creamy cauliflower mashed potatoes are a FAVORITE with my 1.5 yr old son who is beginning to become very picky. (as are most toddlers) However, I know I’ll always get him to eat his food when I pull out a Feed Your Vitality meal! The cranberry compote and sweet potatoes were dessert! Unfortunately, we ran out of turkey too fast…people couldn’t stop themselves for 2nds and 3rds. We can’t wait to see what she is going to put together for Christmas as it was so easy to pull out an already prepared, healthy, delicious meal. And I’m not talking “costco in a box.” This is the real deal, folks. We are blessed to have this service available to us right here in St. Louis!

Dr. Emily Hecker

I really enjoyed the food last week! Everything was delicious and I had no bad reactions from my Crohn’s disease! I also think my prednisone puff face went down a little (Or maybe I’m just hoping for that!) I’d gained 26 pounds since I started the prednisone in November. I’ve already lost 2 pounds this week and I haven’t even worked out. I finally have the energy to get back to boot camp tonight so I know the weight will start dripping off once I get back to my routine. I am hoping I can be off the prednisone for good with the help of my new lifestyle. Thank you for your help.

K. Blair

We LOVE your service! It’s so great to be able to pop in the microwave and know its actually healthy!

Julia Willman

“Ashley Nanney and her company Feed Your Vitality have saved my life!! Every meal she creates is AMAZING!! Bursting with flavor and yummy goodness! And it’s a bonus you can enjoy her meals and not have to deal with the inflammatory effects from common food allergies. No gluten,no grain, no soy, no dairy AND delivered right to your door! For a busy paleo mom of three and a small business owner myself, this is what I consider Nirvana!!”


Business Owner

“I have had Ashley cook meals for me for over a year now and I really enjoy having delicious and healthy dishes easily available. What impresses me the most is how Ashley continues to come up with unique and interesting meals week after week. When I went on a restrictive diet for a short time, Ashley was also able to accommodate my needs then too. Ashley is also willing to be flexible on meetup times and locations for meal delivery which is especially helpful.”

Michelle Marcus

“Ashley and her company have done wonders for me and my health! The food is amazing and always delivered on time or even early. The quality can’t be beat as it tastes wonderful and has plenty of flavor to keep you coming back for more. I don’t always have time to cook, so it’s a great resource to turn to when trying to stay healthy (I do paleo). I haven’t been disappointed! I highly recommend this company to anyone trying to be healthy, get healthy or who just enjoys delicious food!”

Heather Ervin

“Ashley’s food is fantastic. She has cooked for me on many occasions and the results are always fantastic. She is passionate about food and it shows. Both the healthy ingredients and the deliciousness of the meals speak for this woman’s talent and love of creating a fabulous dining experience.”

Gail Griffin

“Your food is by far the best I’ve ever had. Thank you for doing what you do!!! It’s really wonderful!!!”

Jason Schaff

“I want to thank you for helping us each lose about 10 pounds (people are noticing, and I tell them how we did it- with FYV!). We had tried lots of others, but this one works! I wish you all the best. I am so glad I saw the car with your “wrap” on it to help us get started!”

Thanks so much!

Dottye Akerson

“Oh. My. Lord. That was SUPER tasty!! I just had the Poblano Pork Verde. Wow. Just wow. I can’t wait to try the other meals!

Richard LaBrie

“I have known Ashley for many years and have found her to be a very dedicated and hard working person. She recently provided some of her Paleo Diet meals from Feed Your Vitality and they were incredible! The preparation was inventive and delicious. I highly recommend Ashley and her team!”

Sander Coovert

“Ashley has a passion for her work and for the health of others that guides her and drives her. She takes great care in turning out a quality product at an affordable price that could help you for many years. I rely on her knowledge and good taste to help me stay healthy and happy.”

Jake Mohnke

“Ashley is highly motivated to help others help themselves. Through her amazing drive as a health-forward chef, I have only just begun to benefit from her education, experience and down-right ability to make the world taste better and actually be better for me!”

Laurie Parsonage

“After one week of eating your meals, I’m truly impressed with how delicious and well-made they are. Thanks for creating your company and making my life better!”

Paul Maring

“Yesterday was my first delivery. We tried the BBQ Chicken and the Lasagna for dinner last night…myself and 2 boys. Yum!! We loved it. Thank you so much!! I snuck a piece of your Living Apple Pie for dessert, and WOW was it good. I am so grateful for your service. My oldest son asked if I could send him some meals when he goes back to school in Ohio. Have you guys ever shipped out of state??? Also, I would love to hand out your trifold brochure to some friends. Can I get some of those? I am sending my sister your way as well. I am looking forward to lunch and dinner tonight, which is such a relief from the stress I was having trying to figure out how to eat and cook differently than what I have always done.

Thanks again, Kathleen